Aperture BorderFX

Latest version: 1.9 (450)
Released: Apr 29, 2015
Requirements: Mac OS X v10.8 or later, Aperture 3.2 or later.


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BorderFX is free but if you find it useful and would like to donate, that would be greatly appreciated.

BorderFX for Aperture


BorderFX for Aperture has two separate plug-ins, an Export plug-in and an Edit plug-in.

  • The Export plug-in lets you easily add borders, title and watermarks to images before exporting them.
  • The Edit plug-in has all of the same features as the Export plug-in, but saves the image back into the Aperture Library. 


Add multiple borders or frames to photos. Easily change the look of the border, add a drop shadow, or bevel the edges of the border to create realistic effects.

Titles, Copyright & Metadata

Add captions to your photos, customize the font and placement attributes. IPTC fields can be used to quickly add titles to the exported photo. A text based copyright notice can be automatically added, as well as the exposure details from the EXIF metadata.


Add either a text copyright, or an image watermark to exported images. The watermark image can be scaled to fit the desired output size and it's opacity adjusted to blend the watermark with the photo. Any PSD, PNG, or TIFF file can be used as a watermark, images with a transparent background usually work best. Save watermark settings as Watermark Presets so they can be quickly applied to images before exporting. 


You can also create and save your own presets so you can apply them to another photo with just one click. A Preset can be used as the default settings on start up. Separately you can save presets for commonly used watermark or copyright settings, so you can quickly apply them to other images.


Export images as JPEG, PNG or TIFF files, including support for ColorSync profiles. Include the EXIF and IPTC metadata, including keywords, in the exported files. BorderFX has convenient output presets for exporting photos which you can fully customize. You can specify the output dimension in either Pixels, Inches or Millimeters, and now includes the dots per inch (dpi) to use for the exported file. The 'Fit Within' option can be used to specify a maximum dimension the image is to fit within while maintaining the original aspect ratio.